About Herbal Syrups

Herbal syrup, it is a defined as a prepared and combination and concentration decoction with Honey sugar or either some time use alcohol. The base of such syrup is a strong herbal decoction and mixing a decoction with sugar honey help to thicken preserves the decoction.

1. No side effects & No Harmless
2. Easily available & Easy to adjust the dose for child’s weight
3. No nursing is required, which main and the patient can take it with no help.
4. The liquid dosage form is executed for products like cough medicines.
5. Herbs Grow in common place.
6. Antioxidant by retarding the oxidation as sugar is Hydrolyzed in to cellulose and dextrose
7. Good patient compliance especially pediatric patients as syrup are sweet in test
8. It is a preservative by retarding the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould as osmotic pressure

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